10 Things You Do That Are Ruining Your Skin

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There’s nothing more wonderful that having a clear and glowing complexion, but that doesn’t come without some hard work and effort for the majority of us out there. Luckily, it’s not always necessary to go on harsh medications or special diets to make your skin positively radiate. In fact, there are some things you can start doing (and stop doing) on a daily basis that will give you that sought-after healthy glow. Check out these 10 tips on things you should be avoiding if you want your skin looking prime and gorgeous.

  1. Not putting on sunscreen

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    Without having a broad spectrum sunscreen in your daily routine, you leave your skin vulnerable to dullness, hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles, and dehydration. Applying sunscreen needs to become a crucial part of your skin care routine each morning. By having protection against both UVA and UVB rays, you’re protecting yourself against developing seriously detrimental health conditions, like skin cancer. Pick something with a minimum of SPF 30+ as your final step prior to applying your makeup. This is key to keeping your skin looking young and feeling healthy!

  1. Not doing exercises

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    Skipping exercise might be affecting much more than your waistline. Since your skin is your system’s largest organ, it is also one of your body’s greatest beneficiaries of physical exercise. Working out helps release toxins, which can impact your skin’s health, and boosts your mood! It’s a win-win situation. While physical exercise does wonders for the skin, it may also have an unfavorable impact if you are not cautious. Exercising while wearing makeup could block your pores, and failing to wash your face after a workout could cause grime and perspiration to inflame your skin, too. Again, remember to apply sunscreen when exercising in the outdoors in order to prevent skin cancer.

  1. Hot showers

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    Hot showers might feel fantastic at the end of a long day after you’ve had a nice homemade dinner and are finally powering down for the day. However, they aren’t ideal for your skin as the heat will strip the natural oils of your skin. To prevent the damaging effects of hot water, don’t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes. As well, after bathing or showering, it’s important to pat yourself down with a towel and thoroughly moisturize.

  1. Putting on unclean glasses or sunglasses

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    Eyeglasses are exposed to germs and dirt that can easily enter our pores, thus contributing to dreaded breakouts. We appear to forget that clean frames are as vital as clean lenses. Clean your frames as well as lenses at least once a week, taking note of the earpiece which gets exposed to the hair, along with the nose pads. Make use of warm soapy water along with a dry towel. Utilize an antibacterial wipe for a fast clean, particularly if you wear makeup. Always keep your sunglasses in their case when not using them.

  1. Smoking

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    Indeed, smoking may not lead to skin cancer, but it does link back to the quality of your skin in one way or another. It’s been associated with accelerated aging, and thus, wrinkles on the skin.  It’s also been attributed to contributing to psoriasis, which is an uncomfortable looking and feeling skin condition in which you’re pretty much covered in white and red flaky scales. It was observed that smokers are at a greater risk of having psoriasis than individuals who do not smoke cigarettes. The disease mostly impacts the feet and legs.

  1. Inadequate sleep

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    Regularly skimp on your slumber, and you are looking at long-term skin damage. Insufficient sleep results in dark circles, premature aging, and duller skin. Seriously, what’s the point in investing in expensive high-end skin care products when the underlying cause of your skin problems is a lack of sleep?

  1. Picking at the skin tags and pimples

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    This consists of picking pimples, dry skin, skin tags, and all the other good stuff that shows up on your face when it’s most convenient. Yes, if you’re one of those people who stands underneath the brightest lighting, looks in the mirror, and eliminates every pimple on your face, this is directed at you. Most will not confess to compulsive skin picking, however, they do really indulge in this habit. While you might feel that picking as well as popping your pimples and blemishes is the quickest method to eliminate them, it actually leads to more skin problems like scars, marks, and might also result in infections. While you are squashing a pimple, you are usually pushing some gunk deeper down again into the skin, making it worse than it was before.

  1. Using a dirty pillow

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    If you do not wash your pillow regularly, it will develop an accumulation of dirt and grime right where you rest your face for about eight hours every night. Make sure to change your sheets as well as pillowcases at least once every week. Consider using a silk pillowcase which your skin may glide over.

  1. Having a poor diet

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    “You are what you eat.” This saying is true on a number of levels. It’s undeniable that your diet plays a major role in the quality of your skin among other factors. A poor diet can make one more susceptible to skin problems and blemishes. In most cases, individuals who eat high-calorie foods with low nutritional values, like burgers and fries, are more susceptible to experiencing pimples or dull-looking skin. In contrast, individuals who consume nutritionally rich foods, like vegetables and fruits, are getting the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals essential to preclude acne from appearing. Furthermore, the presence of vitamin A in several fruits plays a role in possessing shining, youthful-looking skin.

  1. Over-exfoliating

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    There is a misconception about exfoliation which leads many to assume that by exfoliating more often their complexion will improve. This could not be more untrue! While your exfoliation regimen depends on your skin’s needs and type, it’s definitely possible to over-do it. Rather than exfoliating twice daily with the hope that your skin is going to be shining like a disco ball, attempt doing it only once every week to avoid having your tone appear red-colored and irritated. If you suffer from acne, exfoliating less can also help clear it up despite what you might have thought. Everything is better in moderation.

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